More than 50% of all organizations globally have difficulty retaining some of their most valued employee groups, with the most cited reason being poor leadership.

— Willis Towers Watson

Who we are

EQ REFINED understands that change is not always easy. Since 2015, we’ve been helping companies respond to industry transitions in order to stay competitive in retaining top talent. Our years of experience have taught us through its employees, businesses are successful.

Our team is ready to help you develop personalized strategies to properly build wolk culture and team dynamics. 

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How we create impact

We provide employee and top management guidance on raising their Emotional Intelligence by training individuals and teams on how to see beyond the blind spots of unconcious bias.  We work on building employee communication skills through a step-by-step process, first by identifying a team’s curent level of productivity, and then tailoring our communication techniques to co-exist within the existing company culture. 

This raises engagement, retention, and productivity within the workplace by reducing the escalation of conflicts.

Luz Gonzalez

CEO & Founder


Anastasia Crespo


Jefry Bernal

Head of Finance



EQ Refined is to change the landscape in business through building soft skills to enhance effective communication, connection and collaboration which result in creating a safe environment where individuals feel open to share their thoughts and build off each other. 



To support in the creation of a diverse workforce, allowing for greater creativity, wider range of ideas, and innovation in the workplace.