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EQ REFINED understands that change is not always easy. Since 2015, we’ve been helping companies respond to industry transitions in order to stay competitive. Our years of experience have taught us to always make your business success our priority.

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Start by first taking our EQ Assessment to see how well your organization handles emotional intelligence.


Emotional Intelligence refers to an individual's ability to understand and regulate his or her emotions, identify the emotions of others, and recognize how those emotions are connected to behavior.

Get to know what EQ Refined can do with your workforce with at free Introductory consultation. We go over your business day to day scenarios and begin working on progressive steps towards creating solutions that build your company's Emotional Intelligence for the ultimate goal toward the achieving greater success.


Our brain takes in millions of bits of information at once and we have survived because of being able to process all that information in a split second. As we evolve, we are recognizing that making quick decisions without the process of inserting awareness, and conscious alignment to intention, we can be missing out on valuable opportunities. By learning ways to remove Unconscious Bias in the workplace, we become aware of assumptions made and strategies to take some time to reflect and respond thus growing more unified as a team


We each have strengths and weaknesses in our Emotional Quotient. You may have the perfect person, or team line up but it may not mean a thing when it come to working together in a cohesive manner. "Emotions impact our focus and our ability to work, to make good decisions and judgments. Emotions are contagious." Robin Stern, associate director of partnerships at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.
EQ Refined provides strategies, educations on self awareness, self management, social awareness, social management, and relationship management for teams to work successfully together.

luz gonzalez

I have been working with corporate management and employees for over a decade. I have supported growth through diversity of thought and inclusion of individuals using Emotional Intelligence training and awareness.  I started this business because of the lack in Emotional Intelligence in the workplace. There is a need for bridging the gap from workforce, up to upper management that results in loss of talent, engagement and can lead up to resentment if not handled appropriately.  

I offer opportunities in strengthening the workplace through effective communication and awareness in Unconscious Bias, Diversity & Inclusion, Cross Cultural Communications.  

With my background as a spanish interpreter for Accenture while living in the Philippines, I am able to pick up on deeper meanings supporting greater insight and knowledge.

Emotional Intelligence in the workplace

When the word “conversation” is said, the first thing that comes to mind is the act of speaking. The second and third thing that comes to my mind is “with whom,” and “Do I want to be in this conversation?” 

As an Emotional Intelligence consultant, using Emotional Intelligence (E.I.) is vital to having all parties be heard and increases the chance of a mutually beneficial resolution. We are growing away from the old concept of win-lose, where there is a competition between two parties, and only one clear winner, while someone must bear the brunt of the loss. 

use the action of avoidance in an analogy. If your car’s “Check Engine” light goes off, it doesn’t mean you need to immediately get out of the car and call a tow truck. However, it does mean you should get the engine checked as soon as possible. We are always encouraged to pay attention to dashboard indicators. While ignoring them for a while often does not cause your vehicle to immediately break down, continuing to ignore it will lead to stress, damage, and eventual malfunction.  

An Emotionally Intelligent conversation is not just about saying what’s on your mind. It’s about being able to hear the other side without being attached and, therefore, defensive of your perspective when listening. Using E.I. in a conversation is collaborative.  

I am available for corporate training, 1 on 1 coaching, panel, webinar and podcast discussions on the following topics: Emotional Intelligence, Unconscious Bias, Diversity & Inclusion, Conflict Resolution, & Business Partnership/Relationship Building. I can be reached at Luz@EQrefined.com 

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